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At BuildersBags we pride ourselves on being the top specialists for your material handling bag needs. We adhere to the highest standards and use the latest technology to deliver our comprehensive material handling bags with a hassle free service.


Why us?

At BuildersBags we have a national team with a range of products all over Australia! Our team are dedicated to providing you with the best material handling bags at the highest quality with the lowest inconvenience to you.

We aim to build long standing relationships with our customers who are confident in our capabilities to meet their needs while they are free to deal with other business matters. Our material handling bags are designed specifically to protect any sensitive substances that may be placed inside them by using the latest technology in the material handling industry.

We guarantee that with our smart management of stock we can give you exactly what you need when you need it. Never again run low of stock and continue working seamlessly and uninterrupted!

Or product line offers a wide range of variations in lifting features, heights, base sizes and load capacity. Our standard range comprises of polypropylene bags stabilised by UV and that can be made water resistant utilising either disposable liners or laminated interiors.

We aim to work with you to meet you specific and unique requirements and are always happy to talk about our comprehensive range of material handling bags with you. Our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing products can solve your bulk handling and transportation problems.

Space and Cost-Saving

Our material handling bags come in either square or rectangular sizes with unique internal circular and corner channel construction. We use a high tensile force to maximise the strength and stability of this form of bulk packaging to bring to you the most efficient and easy to use bags with the highest strength and support in your material handling work.

In all the years we have worked in Parramatta, we have found it hard to find such helpful supplier of material handling bags, we are very happy with the service. Thank you. Ryan

Sydney, Australia

Their high quality materials, systematic and coordinated service from start to finish helps us continue to work on our business in Melbourne hassle free. Mike

Melbourne, Australie

The suppliers have made it such and easy painless process, friendly and willing to keep us informed. Mary

Melbourne, Australia

The staff were courteous and we are so happy to work with them. John

Parramatta NSW Australia

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